Self image and God image

Wow. Just wow. Target, transgender, and landblasting of Christians and females who have issues with the bathroom sharing policy.

As a Christian, I believe God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and perfect. I take Him at His word for it is impossible for Him to lie. He made us, male and female, He made us. God doesn’t make mistakes. I don’t hate anyone for being so deceived that they believe otherwise. Personally, I’m saddened for them.

They would rather believe God makes mistakes (if they believe in Him at all), which means their god (of their own making) is pretty sloppy and imperfect. What a lousy god to follow. If they don’t believe in God, they must believe that they are a genetic mutation due to an evolutionary mistake that must be corrected. Why do they think so little of themselves?

Self esteem that is so touted today in our world has actually driven our culture to teach younger generations that they’re anything but specifically designed, perfectly formed as intended by a loving God who has a plan for them.

So sad for so many that think any other way about themselves and others. It’s no wonder there is no value ascribed to life. Black, police, or unborn, all are created in His image, by Him, and for His purpose. If only this generation would faithfully teach that from God’s Word and live it out practically, our kids would be much better off.

Why even consider a god who’s incapable of creating you correctly? I am so grateful that my kids are learning the truth about our real, perfect, holy God, and starting walks with Him in spiritual growth. At baptism, I reminded my eldest that while it’s an important milestone in her life spiritually, it’s merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg in her spiritual growth with Christ as her guide. She’ll have many spiritual battles ahead as our culture gets more pc and less tolerant of Christians who hold to God’s word. Baptism just declared on which side of the battle she falls (the ultimate winning side).

Evil prowls, no matter how much we want to ignore it. The transgender person isn’t the threat in the bathroom, it’s the person with evil intent that will use pc policies as offensive weapons and defensive strategies to avoid consequences for evil actions. The transgender people have been using “appropriate” (to them) bathrooms for a while. I’m not big on boycotting and public declarations. But, I’m not letting my kids into any public bathroom without adult supervision for sure, oh wait, that’s always been my policy.

That’s common sense and doing the job of parenting that God has called me to do.



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